Christmas Party Ideas


Hey People of the Internet! It’s that time of the year, Christmas is right around the corner and its the season of Holiday Parties! I wanted to give you different ideas from food, decor, drinks and activities to help you with your holiday party or make you want to have a holiday party!


Decor makes or breaks the mood of the party, if its a christmas party make sure you decorate it so it feels  like you are celebrating the holiday season rather than just the regular party. Here are some ideas on how to make a christmas party really feel like a christmas party!

1 .Banners – Banners can add so much to a party and there are tons of options in store and you can always make your own banner to say whatever you want. This is one here that I made for an upcoming christmas party with my friends.


2. having fancy/decorative cups –  You wouldn’t think cups would make such an impact at a christmas party but if they have sayings on it relating to the party it makes it feel more festive or if its a red solo cup maybe it looks like Santa. Its a small detail but it makes it feel more festive and also helps to know who’s glass is who if they all have different sayings or are each decorated a little differently.

3.Table decor – weather you decide to decorate your bar table, your kitchen table, a counter, a potluck table etc table decor makes a BIG difference. Table decor is one of the easiest to set up and there are so many different options from putting fairy lights on the table, to tiny christmas trees or left over christmas decor you have, you can make little jars filled with different things that represent christmas from tiny christmas presents, to bells, to pine cones etc.  Also if you are hosting a dinner party if you wanted it to be more festive you could put the utensils for everybody in their own individual stockings. There are plenty of ways to decorate a table and have it be a statement at your party.



There are SO many ways to decorate with food and drinks to make it really feel like a true holiday party and who doesn’t love food and drinks? Here i am going to list some of my favourite food ideas for a holiday party.


  1.  Christmas Grinch Juice –  food colouring, orange juice, lemon lime juice, sweet n’low, water, vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon-lime soda. TIP: could add your vodka or another type of liquor to make it an alcoholic beverage – if your of age of course)
  2. Mistletoe shots vodka, water, Jello-mix, sanding sugar (Red), whipped cream, lime wedge, mint leaves, and red hots.
  3.  Mulled Wine –  orange juice, red wine (dry), sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange, cranberries


  1. Pull Apart Christmas Tree
  2. Chip and Guacamole bites 
  3. Gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting 
  4. Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles 



Games are awesome to play anytime with friends but special during the holidays because everyone usually goes to the holiday parties make it more fun with more people. There are a wide variety of party games already out there but these games are christmas related making it a festive way to play a game and celebrate the christmas season

  1. Poke a tree, win a prize- This game can be for any age depending on the prizes. You can choose to make the prizes more family oriented, small stocking stuffers, candy, mini alcohol bottles, the choices are endless and totally your choice!
  2.  Shake your jingle bells – this is where a person has a Kleenex box attached to them usually just above their butt on the back of them, inside the empty Kleenex box is a 1 or more jingle bells and the goal is to race against another person to get the jingle bells out of the box first by shaking or twisting whatever way possibly without using your hands to remove the jingle bell first!
  3.  Wreath Toss – This game game is a simple game but a twist on ring toss, instead of using regular rings, use tiny either DIY wreaths or find some at a local store.


I hope some of these ideas or suggestions helped you get creative with your upcoming christmas party or inspired you to host your own! Happy Holidays Everyone!

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